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Welcome to the web site of the Dainichi jidousya.
I will execute the auction as proxy.
Place U-MAX at Kobe Toyota Auction at Osaka.
It's own maintenance factory equipping.
Establishment in 1979.
Our company will execute it at a proxy to the auction hall.
It repairs and the car delivery is possible.
It's company maintain.

Company Profile

Used car center
  • 中古車センター 画像01
  • 中古車センター 画像02
  • 中古車センター 画像03
Maintenance shop
  • 整備工場 画像01
  • 整備工場 画像02
  • 整備工場 画像03
Company name Dainichi Jidousya Shoukai
Establishment 1979.04.01
Used car center
Uchikoshicho31-15 Kadoma, Osaka 571-0029 Japan
Maintenance shop
Shinomiya3-2-24 Kadoma, Osaka 571-0017 Japan
Osaka Land Transport Bureau authentication factory A-8067
Business hours 9:00 ~ 18:00
Regular holiday Sunday , National holiday
Sell cars licence number 622300155981
Tel 072-882-2178
Fax 072-882-3367

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Acceptance time 8:00~22:00 072-883-9222

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